Powerful Website Extraction Programs For Your Business According To Semalt

Whether you have to use data for your business, research or work, there is nothing worse than waiting for pages to load in Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. While surfing the internet, you may face the problem of a slow connection and may lose most of the data you need. If you are viewing a heavy website or blog with thousands of pages, you would have to click your mouse numerous times to get those pages opened properly. Thankfully, special web extractor programs make it easy for you to load your favorite sites without any problem. A web extractor is actually a particular program that helps researchers, journalists, students, businessmen, and marketers extract data conveniently and view different web pages with high speed. Some of the most reliable tools have been described here.

1. SurfOffline:

SurfOffline is one of the best and most famous web extractors on the internet. With this tool, you can decide how many elements you would like to download, and there is no limit on the number of pages to be extracted. Also, you don't need an FTP on your website to download the data. This tool is compatible with Windows, Vista, XP and other similar operating systems.

2. Website eXtractor:

It is one of the coolest and widely famous web extraction programs. Website eXtractor is good for both programmers and non-programmers and makes your online research easy and fast. You can download the entire website or parts of it using this powerful tool. It is known for its user-friendly interface and control panel that helps you structure and organizes any data in a better way. Website eXtractor is compatible with all Windows versions and iPhone devices.

3. SiteSucker:

Sitesucker is mainly a Mac program that helps download website and brings changes to your internet connection. It can easily copy the desired pages, pictures, style sheets and PDFs on your hard drive for offline uses. You just need to enter the URL in SiteSucker interface, and it will automatically download the desired data. This program requires Mac OS X 10.11 and can be downloaded from the SiteSucker website.

4. Grab-a-Site:

Grab-a-Site is one of the most powerful and comprehensive web extraction tools. It works both offline and online and can create copies of a website multiple times, along with its supporting files such as graphics, pages, sound files, and videos. This tool can also grab files from different sites at the same time, saving a lot of time and energy. It is compatible with your ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion and JR languages and can turn them into the static HTML. This free program works on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Me, and Win98.

5. WebWhacker 5:

Blue Squirrel's latest browser is called WebWhacker 5. It can copy an entire site to your hard disk for offline users and serves as the training site for tutors and students. It is easy to set up and regularly monitors your data for quality, organizes and updates it as per your requirements. Moreover, WebWhacker can duplicate the directory structures of your site and is compatible with Vista, XP and Windows 7.